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Our true Nature, unveiled.

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Welcome Home

The Olam online event platform

brings us together around speakers keen to share
presence, teachings, testimonies and inner explorations.

Online meeting from SELF to SELF, this infinite source within us that we can truly call "Home".

How it works

We offer a year-round formula that gives you access to all content

Every three months an intensive weekend of satsangs

and twice a month, a private meeting or an evening around a theme, a spiritual teaching.  

Register on this page

You can also choose one or more à la carte events in

the "coming next" events page

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Olam TV


Access the meetings of your choice individually by going to the events/coming next page

Coming Home

The House of Self

Our Virtual House with zoom meetings:

The Return to Self from Home


Olam Events

Meetings and retreats

Everywhere in France,

several times a year


Discover the offers and premium subscription plans

To access all online content
and take advantage of discounts on OLAM events

Coming Next
Upcoming events

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